Why Some Teams Just Win

10 Minutes To Recover Peak Power Using This Insane Idea

Discover what championship trainers in your sport already know about unlocking the body's own recovery reflex


When athlete skills and ability are evenly matched the winners leverage this secret that pro trainers never share...

  • Atletic therapists, team trainers and coaches who have done their homework know immersing athletes for just 10 minutes in 50°F water has been shown to improve recovery of peak power translating into enhanced performance.
  • Until now the problem has been: How do you do it outside the home clinic setting?

Problem solved. Read on...

CRYOTUB Pro Mark II Inflatable Ice Bath
Regular Price : $329 Now $247...

Limited Time - Limited Quantity


Don't Be Average... Be Exceptional

The Answer Is This Simple...

You'll only need to convince the athletes the first time. Once they feel the results for themselves...a line will form after practice and games. ...

The Many Faces of Human Achievement

You are about to join a relentless group who brave the icy temperatures of a Cryotub inflatable ice bath in the pursuit of continued excellence. Some of these rare performers are those who run, hit, skate, jump and fight in front of thousands and millions of delirious fans. They physically and mentally answer the call and perform in the crucial dyin g minutes of major pro, world and Olympic championships. Others have completed double somersaults high above the stage in Las Vegas and danced in world renowned ballets. Each of them leaving us all wondering how the human body is able to do that night after night. Excellence truly has many faces. Maybe most heroically: the stay-at-home mom using Cryotub to complete her first 5K run to get in shape for her children. Whether millions are watching or nobody is watching...We applaud you all.

World Class High Performance

Soon you'll be holding the portable ice immersion recovery tub used by major professional, collegiate and Olympic trainers. The only prerequisites for using a Cryotub is a relentless drive to achieve and the ability to carry a feather-light 20 lb small backpack that the Cryotub fits in.

The Official Recovery Tool of the Glorious Weekend Comeback

What starts in the locker rooms of the elite often ends up in the hands of those who now play for pure joy. Weekend warriors across the country refuse to let passing years tell them it's over. Sports should be a lifelong pursuit and Cryotub makes Monday morning bearable and the following weekend possible.
YES! Another opportunity for glory!

The Common Ground

What does everyone described above have in common? It's an intense desire, shared by all Cryotub customers, to show that they aren't willing to settle. You're next! Get out there and enjoy your own personal level of excellence. Let us know how you do. We love the videos and stories
....Keep them coming!

CRYOTUB Pro Mark II Inflatable Ice Bath
Regular Price : $329 Now $247...

Limited Time - Limited Quantity


Delivery with a Difference

Cryotub makes a difference in the lives of those who use it but it doesn't end there. How many products can say they make a difference in the lives of the people who help fulfill the orders? We moved our fulfillment from a huge multi-national e-commerce giant to a small company in Rochester NY. Why? This company with an exceptional track record of performance hires and trains blind & visually impaired people to fulfill orders to a world-class standard. We can't think of a better way to bring you a inflatable ice bath designed to help you push your limits and demand more.

Experience the PRO MARK II
Difference For Yourself...

You are about to discover our response to the pro trainers who gave us feedback when asked: How can Cryotub make your job easier?

Dual Channel Valve Caps

You now have more control over inflation levels. No more losing air when you furiously try to replace the cap on the valve while the air rushes out of the ring. This means: when time is ticking on the clock you get a perfect, hassle-free inflation level every time.

Flash Drain

Overwhelmingly, this is the most eagerly anticipated feature of the Cryotub Pro Mark II. If you have all day to wait for other cold tubs to drain this won't excite you. If you need to keep to a schedule you are going to love what we've done. This innovation opens a time saving geyser after your athlete's treatments are complete which will not be restricted by the weight of the water pushing the drain into the ground.

Rhino Welds

We know it isn't 70 lbs children getting in and out of your Cryotub. We also know you aren't just storing this in the garage waiting for its 20 yard voyage to the lawn on a lazy summer afternoon. Our PVC substrate and welding technology has been reinforced and upgraded to survive the rigors of life taking care of traveling high performance athletes.

Cap Shepherd

No more leaving valve caps in the locker room when you are more concerned with getting on the team bus rather than collecting all your sport therapy equipment. We've taken the worry out so the valves are ALL right where you need them ...WHEN you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow do I inflate my Cryotub Ice Bath?

    A joke comes to mind but this isn’t the time. Any electric or battery operated pump suitable for inflating pool toys or air mattresses. We find the best solution for busy trainers is a two-way inflation/deflation pump intended for inflatable boats and rafts. The higher velocity is a real time-saver in tight situations.

  • q-iconWhy doesn ’ t the Cryotub come with a pump anymore?

    Two solid reasons: 1. Some air couriers considered the battery operated rechargeable version hazardous goods which increased the shipping costs. 2. Customers in Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand preferred the correct current and plug that fit thei r wall sockets. Since electric air pumps are so easy to acquire locally we chose to remove it from Cryotub.

  • q-iconI need a Cryotub fast. Where will it ship from ?

    We can ship fast from our upstate New York warehouse logistics facility. The Rochester location is serviced daily by most major courier carriers. Let us know if you wish to use your own courier account for preferential delivery service from your carrier.

  • q-iconHow much space to I need to use my Cryotub?

    To be safe you should look for a location with a smooth, flat, clean patch of ground, parking lot or floor 5’x 5’square. Obviously, you will need a water source and drain nearby.

  • q-icon I have multiple athletes and I ’ m concerned about hygiene.

    Understandable. First, you can put a few capfuls of bleach in to h elp sanitize the water. Second, your greatest ally in your hygiene struggle will be the extremely cold water. The type of bacteria that causes problems for your athletes thrives in warm water environments and has a hard time in the cold.

  • q-icon How do I transport and store my inflatable ice bath?

    Your new Cryotub can deflate and roll up to fit in a gym bag that is big enough to be accepted as an airline carry-on (Trust me…I know) Most of our customers use a gym bag style carrying bag or a treatment trunk.

  • q-iconHow do I clean my Cryotub?

    The best thing you can do for your Cryotub is keep it dry between uses. Residual moisture will cause mildew. This is easily rectified with warm soapy water and a soft, non-abrasive cloth. If the mold & mildew persists you can use a vinegar/water solution.

  • q-iconCan I use my Cryotub as a hot tub?

    No, not really. We wouldn’t suggest using your Cryotub for anything other than its intended use. We have formulated the PVC to withstand cold temperatures not the hot water normally found in hot tubs.

  • q-iconDuring the hot summer months can I let children play in my Cryotub?

    First, Cryotub is NOT a toy and any use (including athletes) should be strictly supervised. The Cryotub is deeper than any pool you would purchase for your children. The risk of drowning is as real as in any

CRYOTUB Pro Mark II Inflatable Ice Bath
Regular Price : $329 Now $247...

Limited Time - Limited Quantity


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